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Help My Dad Breathe

2014-07-28 17:41:08 by LosaruTaiyo

While this seems like an odd place for me to post this, I am trying to reach every place that I use frequently in hopes that I can help raise funds to help my dad get a CPAP machine for his sleep apnea, which has really taken a toll on his body.

See the link below for further details.

The Ballads of Reemus (Zeebarf's series) on Steam GreenLight

2012-09-02 22:29:05 by LosaruTaiyo

Hey Everyone!

If you've played "The Ballads of Reemus," you know how awesome the series is. Right now, Zeebarf is trying to promote his full game "The Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites" (Shouldn't that be bedbugs?) Either way, it would be amazing if this were to come to Steam I think and I know some of you think so too. So let's see if we can get Zeebarf's game greenlighted!! Go here! NOW! s/?id=93093387&searchtext=


2012-03-27 20:15:29 by LosaruTaiyo

A while back, I posted about Edd having cancer. Now while I am not the first, it didn't feel right if I didn't post something. I didn't know him personally, but I have been a major fan of his work, both on here and Youtube. I didn't cry, but my heart did sank when I watched the lastest video on youtube. He will be missed. Luckily, if you haven't seen it, Edd did leave a final episode for all of his fans. May he rest in peace and may we remember him.

Happy New Year!

2011-12-31 23:33:23 by LosaruTaiyo

Happy New Year everybody! So what do I have planned? Something really big actually. Involving Pokemon and a slight change on it. I'm hoping to get the opening video up this week for it. I'm not saying anything beyond that.

Don't drink too much!


Edd and Cancer

2011-04-16 14:45:06 by LosaruTaiyo

So as some may know, Ed, the creator from the Eddsworld, is sick with Leukemia. Being a fan of his, my prayers and wishes go out to him to beating it.

If you're a fan, support him in the fight.


Hey everyone, especially those that have played my first game "Javaders."

First off, I want to thank those in the GF2 forum for helping me with some of the problems I came across during the game. I also want to thank those who have commented and voted on "Javaders." The feedback is awesome.

Speaking of feedback, I'm gonna need more as I am planning on making a sequel. Of course, something bigger with better layout. The graphics and sound are still gonna be the same, but I want some of your ideas that I could use for the game.

One concept would be new aliens for the game, to add to the family of "Javaders." I'm gonna make it a contest, although it won't be anything physical. I'm not that lucky. If you send me an awesome alien, I'll add you to the list of contributors and, if it were to win anything (Although I doubt, do keep this in mind) the winner would get the biggest portion of winnings after me and the artists that I use my music from. They need something for me using their tunes, even if it's usually just aknowledgement.

So yeah. I'm hoping to make the sequel at least .50 points better than the first, and with me getting used to the counters and animations, it may be possible.

So send your ideas and designs and I'll see what can be used.
Rules for "Javader" Design.

-Must keep in the theme of 4-bit/ 8-bit design
-Must be appropriate. This is an E game
-Cannot be bigger than the Mother Javader unless an idea for a boss.
-Must use "Ja" at the beginning of the name to keep in the theme of "Javaders"
-Abilities must be simple, such as shooting different bombs. No leveling or anything.
-As I may include power-ups, you may also suggest power-ups along with your alien.
-Cannot have anything to do with coffee. I'm serious.
See ya!

Javaders II: Mother's Revenge Ideas

First Game Submitted

2010-12-13 22:55:16 by LosaruTaiyo

Well I am quite proud. I finally submitted my first actual game using the Games Factory 2. I've tried FlashDevelop, but I'm not ready for that coding just yet.

Well, I'm quite enjoying this member thing at Newgrounds. The leveling system is an interesting way to get votes and to keep people on. If I ever make a flash someday for you folks, I'll post it. A decent one of course. For now, it's wrack up the BLAM points, Which isn't too hard to do in some cases.